06 January 2012

LYNC Remembering the Fireballs (Part 8) 1997

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Hands And Knees





Pennies To Save



Can't Tie Yet


by Jason Ankeny

Olympia, Washington-based emo-punks Lync comprised singer/guitarist Sam Jayne, bassist James Bertram and drummer Dave Schneider. Formed in 1992, the trio soon debuted on the Magic Pail label with the single "Pigeons"; their next effort, "Two Feet in Front," appeared on K as part of the label's International Pop Underground series. K also issued Lync's first and last full-length, These Are Not Fall Colors; soon after the album's 1994 release, the band split. (The posthumous singles retrospective Remembering the Fireballs [Part 8] followed in 1997.) Jayne resurfaced in 1996 with the solo project Love as Laughter, debuting with the album The Greks Bring Gifts; for 1997's #1 U.S.A., credited to simply L.A.L., he reunited with fellow Lync alum Schneider, rounding out the lineup with bassist Jessica Espeleta.


Hi Mom I'm on the Sam Jayne Show said...

Hey this is Sam Jayne from Lync. For now it really doesn't matter, and also that mediafire link will be there anyways, I just wanted to let this blog and readers of this blog know that Lync will soon have control of their masters and all profits are going to charity. So steal for now, then donate at the Lync bandcamp later when we get things sorted. The charity will be listed on bandcamp. Thanks! Sam

IHateThe90s said...

Lync (link) removed. :-)