14 January 2012


You Bite My Tongue

I just found a copy of You Bite My Tongue for 4 dollars at a local vegan restaurant/record store. The 7 inch is one sided and has the lyrics engraved into side 2 of the record.

Corpse Pose

Kandy Korn Rituals


by John Bush

Perhaps the most musically abrasive group in the world of indie rock, Unwound specialize in a dense collection of crushing power chords rising to feedback, melding the noise of Sonic Youth's more raucous passages with a rare energetic flair which rivals even that of Fugazi. Formed in 1991 in a small town close to the indie rock nerve center of Olympia, Washington, Unwound was originally a trio of vocalist/guitarist Justin Trosper, bassist Vern Rumsey, and drummer Brandt Sandeno. The band released two singles for Kill Rock Stars and one for Gravity Records before recording an … » Read more

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