25 February 2011

DHARMA BUMS Bliss 1990

by request

I didn't realize there was a void on the intertubes for some Dharma Bums.

SKIPLOADER From Can Through String 1995



1 Unlearned 2:49
2 King Regret 2:44
3 Synonym 3:08
4 Secondhand 2:55
5 Name Dropping 2:40
6 Haste 3:08
7 Psammite 3:01
8 For Holly 4:12
9 Entropy Anthem 2:27
10 Hubris 2:49
11 Another Billy 2:25
12 N2O 3:10
13 [Break]
14 2-17-95 2:59

20 February 2011


Let Them Eat 1997

Who Put Out the Fire 1998

By request

12 February 2011


Unisex Headwave 


Thanks to Jay Strange!

Unisex Headwave


1 Unisex Headwave 3:37
2 Nilla Wafer 3:44
3 Cha Cha 0:48
4 Screw 2:54
5 Surfin' Le Charles 2:49
6 "Hey Rod, What's The Word?" 2:59
7 Tattoo 3:48
8 Bad Mood 3:46
9 Freakin' In Calistoned 4:01
10 Veenus 3:31
11 untitled 3:31

Dope Box
1 Debutante 3:51
2 Psycho Clogs 3:50
3 Seem So Tired 4:33
4 Dope Box 4:01
5 Sinner's Delight 2:24
6 Surfin' The Charles 3:25
7 Where Are We 3:15
8 Tall Buildings 2:11
9 Best Friend 3:57
10 Distorto Toy-Drum Love 0:55
11 I Feel Really O.K. 3:23
12 Kung Fu Dub 5:48

XC-NN Lifted 1995

By request

10 February 2011

WICKED DELUXE A Stereo Compilation 1996

1. No Good Nothing - The Sterlings
2. Image - The Incorruptibles
3. Black Box - Trona
4. Rich Creamy Nougat - Obey
5. Ven A Mi - Big Monster Fish Hook
6. Velour - Jack Drag
7. Turn Down - Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple
8. Mudslide - Jack Frosting
9. She's All Yours - The Pills
10. Hearts & Stars - Mother Jefferson
11. 51 Pegasi: Rocketship Version 1 - Mistle Thrush
12. Randy Bean - Fidel
13. Circus Is Alright - The Red Telephone
14. Black Car - Quintaine Americana

Many thanks to Keith R. for this!

Keith said, "Wicked Deluxe was a great compilation put out by Newbury Comics in 1996. For those of you who don't know what Newbury Comics is, it was (and still is) the only place to great great music in New England.

This comp features a bunch of bands that should have made it big (The Sterlings, The Incorruptibles) and one that almost did (Quintaine Americana)

There is one great song after another, especially The Incorruptibles "Image" which remains my favorite song of the 90's, period."

08 February 2011

NO TREND Tritonian Nash Vegas Polyester Complex 1987

Way back in the day, eBayers were falling all over themselves trying to snag copies of this elusive beast. Here it is and to thank for it we have Kerouac!

07 February 2011

D.Q.E. DAIRY QUEEN EMPIRE Masturbation Made a Mess Out of Me 1992

Side A
1. Make the World Go Away
2. Masturbation Made a Mess Out of Me

Side B
1. Rain

When I ripped this, the first song on Side A ran into the second, so it's one track.

DQE was from Atlanta, Georgia. I remember going up to see a friend in Atlanta who was a record rep. with another friend of mine. After a night of partying and bar hopping to pop in and see the Flat Duo Jets and Monster Magnet, the record rep and we went to a practice space in a very bad area of downtown Atlanta at about 2 a.m. At the practice place was the drummer from D.Q.E. and a couple of other people. I already had a copy of the 7 inch so it was pretty cool to meet the drummer. My record rep friend wanted to stay and keep drinking and my friend and I wanted to go back to his place and get some sleep. He let us use his car to get back to his house but when I tried to get in the car, the alarm started going off and here we are in a bad part of Atlanta with a car alarm going off and upstairs they are playing so they can't hear us and the door is locked. We just wanted to get the hell out of there! Finally we got the alarm off and sped out of there pretty fast. Even my record rep friend (I can't remember his name!) warned me about the neighborhood. Now I look back and think the whole thing was pretty darned funny. And that's my story of D.Q.E. Sort of.

CARNIVAL ART Welcome to Vas Llegas 1992

By request

HELIOS CREED The Warming 1991

Helios Creed 7 inch on Amphetamine Reptile Records

Side A
The Warming

Side B
Your Spaceman

THE SEYMORES Piedmont 1995



1 Red Snapper
2 Sidewinder
3 Kronkite
4 Cannot Tell You
5 Interlude
6 Bonecrusher
7 Arcade Boy
8 Blue Star
9 Pinhead
10 Marilyn's Child
11 Drywall