10 February 2011

WICKED DELUXE A Stereo Compilation 1996

1. No Good Nothing - The Sterlings
2. Image - The Incorruptibles
3. Black Box - Trona
4. Rich Creamy Nougat - Obey
5. Ven A Mi - Big Monster Fish Hook
6. Velour - Jack Drag
7. Turn Down - Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple
8. Mudslide - Jack Frosting
9. She's All Yours - The Pills
10. Hearts & Stars - Mother Jefferson
11. 51 Pegasi: Rocketship Version 1 - Mistle Thrush
12. Randy Bean - Fidel
13. Circus Is Alright - The Red Telephone
14. Black Car - Quintaine Americana

Many thanks to Keith R. for this!

Keith said, "Wicked Deluxe was a great compilation put out by Newbury Comics in 1996. For those of you who don't know what Newbury Comics is, it was (and still is) the only place to great great music in New England.

This comp features a bunch of bands that should have made it big (The Sterlings, The Incorruptibles) and one that almost did (Quintaine Americana)

There is one great song after another, especially The Incorruptibles "Image" which remains my favorite song of the 90's, period."