16 January 2019

I HATE THE 90s Volume 21

 1. FOR SQUIRRELS 8:02pm
 2. EUREKA FARM Teleprompter
 3. FLIN FLON Kamloops
 4. VERY SECRETARY Sharp Dressers
 5. EUPHONE Apostolic
 7. VERMONT Tiny White Crosses
 8. CAKE LIKE The New Girl
 9. BARE JR. Nothin' Better To Do
11. THE BODEANS Good Things
12. oRSo For Lack of Better Words
13. THE PACIFIC OCEAN Letter Doctor
14. CROSS MY HEART Dornier
15. ADEN New Fast
16. NERVES Get Me High
17. THE BONADUCES A Separate Lid
18. GIRLFRENDO Homework
19. GOLDEN LAKE DINER Salvage All the Window Hair
20. THE RONDELLES Drag Strip Race
21. SKULL CONTROL New Rock Critic
22. SIX GOING ON SEVEN Portsmouth
24. BARCELONA Space Guy Blues

SPRUNG MONKEY Mr. Funny Face 1998


1 Get 'Em Outta Here 3:44
2 Greta 3:25
3 White Trash 2:08
4 Super Breakdown 2:08
5 Hard Times 3:41
6 Mr. Funny Face 3:56
7 Jojo 3:58
8 Tired 5:19
9 Going For The Angry 2:20
10 Naked 3:36
11 Dead 3:39
12 In Spit Of It All 5:04
13 He Aloha Mele 7:58
14 Welcome 1:20
15 Atta Girl 2:19

15 January 2019

BLINKER THE STAR A Bourgeois Kitten 1996

by request


1 Black Eyes, Dull Care 4:58
2 Bluish Boy 2:15
3 My Dog 4:42
4 Jack's Peak 3:21
5 Undergrowth 4:01
6 Earman 3:01
7 Flite Song 4:22
8 Pixie Jane 3:52
9 Soldier III 2:08
10 Bourgeois Kitten 4:42
11 The Pick 3:53
12 Bicycle Freedom 4:52
13 Kween Kat 4:56

THE PLEASURE BARONS Live In Las Vegas 1993

AllMusic Review by  

The type of entertaining, take-it-as-it-comes one-off that musicians who aren't afraid of appearing unserious excel at, the Pleasure Barons brought together three kindred souls: Mojo Nixon, Country Dick Montana, Dave Alvin, and various compatriots. Indeed; recorded in front of an audience happily along for the giddy ride, Live in Las Vegas gives the trio a chance to play around with their familiar styles in a flashy show biz way, not to mention indulging in some apt and hilarious covers. The backing band strikes the right balance between the principals' rootsy rave-ups and just enough Glitter-Gulch-glitz, and from there it all just flows from one number to the next. Nixon mostly concentrates on his own songs, delivering up the likes of "Debbie Gibson is Pregnant" and "Louisiana Lip Lock" with aplomb, but a take of "Elvis Is Everywhere" has never been more perfectly appropriate, while his freakout through Jerry Reed's "Amos Moses" even more so. Alvin has the soberest (of sorts) selection, though his take on "Gangster of Love" makes for a fierce highpoint. Perhaps unsurprisingly. in the end Montana rules the roost, his alcoholic suaveness perfectly suited for a demonstration of same. Besides penning the entertainingly combative liner notes, Montana more than anyone else probably took the ethos of partying hard to its logical extreme. He delivers mind-boggling, lyrically tweaked covers of "Take a Letter, Maria," "Who Do You Love," "Jackson," and most logically of all, "The Definitive Tom Jones Medley," which takes "It's Not Unusual," "Delilah," and "What's New Pussycat?" to a sublime level of hypercheese. Montana himself is pictured in the liner notes shaking hands with Tom Jones (aka the Creator), personally (blessing) the ceremony, and it's that kind of affectionate embrace of all that is Vegas which makes this album worth one hundred showings of Swingers. 


1 Closing Time 4:52
2 Take A Letter Maria 4:00
3 Who Do You Love? 3:27
4 Louisiana Lip Lock 6:29
5 Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant 2:41
6 Games People Play 4:56
7 Jackson 3:04
8 Amos Moses 3:52
9 Ganster Of Love 6:13
10 Elvis Is Everywhere 11:02
11 The Definitive Tom Jones Medley 6:20
11a It's Not Unusual
11b Delilah
11c What's New Pussycat?

14 January 2019

THE BEAT FARMERS Viking Lullabys 1994

Artist Biography by

The Beat Farmers enjoyed a cult following throughout the 1980s and early '90s until the untimely passing of lead singer/drummer/guitarist Country Dick Montana in November 1995. He was just 40, and he collapsed after a massive heart attack at the Long Horn, a bar in Whistler, British Columbia, in western Canada.
Montana, a former record store owner, and past president of the Kinks Preservation Society fan club, formed the Beat Farmers in San Diego in 1983, influenced on the one hand by country and blues music, but on the other by the first wave of punk rock bands to come out of Los Angeles. The group began to attract a following at San Diego and Los Angeles-area clubs, satisfying a need for roots-based rock & roll before most people even knew the need existed. Over the years, Montana collaborated with a wide range of Los Angeles-based musicians and singers, including Mojo Nixon, John Doe from the group X, Rosie Flores, the Bangles, Los Lobos, Katy Moffatt, blues singer/pianist Candye Kane, and ex-Blasters guitarist Dave Alvin.

Tales of the New West
The Beat Farmers discography is more extensive than most people would think, because a number of recordings are hard to find or out of print. The original group consisted of Montana on drums, guitar and vocals, Jerry Raney on guitar and vocals, Buddy Blue on guitar and vocals and Rolle Dexter on bass. The group's albums include Tales of the New West (1985, Rhino), Glad 'n' Greasy (1985, Rhino), Van Go (1986, Curb Records), The Pursuit of Happiness (1987, Curb Records), Poor and Famous (1989, Curb Records), Loud and Plowed and...Live!! (1990, Curb Records), Viking Lullabys (1994, Sector 2 Records), Greatest Hits (1995, Curb Records), and Manifold (1995, Sector 2 Records). The Beat Farmers formed in August, 1983 when they played a series of shows at the Spring Valley Inn in San Diego, and later played a local bar, Bodies. By March of 1984, they were signed to Rhino Records for a one-off deal, and with a $4,000.00 budget, recorded Tales of the New West, their debut, which was released in January, 1985. They began their first U.S. tour and signed a seven-record deal with Curb Records. In December, 1985, Buddy Blue left the band and was replaced by guitarist/mandolinist Joey Harris, who had worked earlier with Montana in a precursor to the Beat Farmers, Country Dick & the Snuggle Bunnies. Around the time of their first U.S. tour, the band also begins to tour in Europe, where the passion for blues-rock, roots rock, and country rock runs higher than in parts of the U.S. The group's album, Pursuit of Happiness spurred the single "Make It Last''" which got airplay on more than 40 country & western stations. But once country radio programmers had a chance to hear the rest of the album, they quickly dropped the single, since many of them felt the rest of the album was too rock & roll oriented.
In 1989, Montana and Harris joined Mojo Nixon and Dave Alvin from the Blasters to form the Pleasure Barons, a group that specialized in "lounge" music. A year later, Montana went into the hospital for thyroid surgery and continued to visit the doctor's office for cancer treatments. In the midst of all of this, the group grew dissatisfied with its relationship with Curb Records, and they attempted to get out of their seven-album contract around the same time they discovered a live album, Loud and Plowed and...Live!! has been released without their knowledge. In between national tours, Montana occupied himself with other projects in the Los Angeles area, including the Incredible Hayseeds, Country Dick's Petting Zoo, Country Dick's Garage, and the Pleasure Barons.
In 1993, the Beat Farmers recorded their first album for Sector 2 Records (an Austin, TX label), in Vancouver, Canada, Viking Lullabys. The record was released in August, 1994 and the band toured in earnest once again to support the release. While working on a second album for Sector 2, Curb Records released a Greatest Hits album, again without the band's consent. The Beat Farmers' last album, Manifold, was released on September 19, 1995, but was released two weeks earlier in San Diego to coincide with the Street Scene, an outdoor festival there. The group toured the U.S. in September and October, playing venues in Texas, the midwest, and New York City.
On November 8, 1995, Montana suffered a massive heart attack three songs into the band's set at the Long Horn in Whistler, B.C. The remaining Beat Farmers decide to dissolve the band on November 11, 1995.
Despite his risqué stage antics and bantering with his audiences, whom he often sprayed with beer, Country Dick Montana was a gentle soul who, after shows, would make his way around a club, shaking hands, signing autographs, and chatting for a few minutes with all who took the time to say hello. Since Montana's death in 1995, guitarists Joey Harris and Jerry Raney have gone on to form their own bands, continuing to some extent the roots rock tradition of the Beat Farmers. At their live shows, the group was unique for the way Montana would get out from behind his drum set to step out front and center and play guitar as well.

The Devil Lied to Me
In 1996, Bar None Records of Hoboken, N.J. posthumously released The Devil Lied to Me, a long-awaited Country Dick Montana solo album. A star-studded affair with regionally and nationally famous musicians from the Los Angeles area, Montana is joined on this excellent release by roots chanteuses Katy Moffatt and Rosie Flores, as well as talented live performers like Mojo Nixon and ex-Blasters guitarist Alvin. Highlights include Alvin's "Rich Man's Town," Paul Kamanski's "Indigo Rider," a cover of Tom Petty's "Listen to Her Heart,''" and the originals "King of the Hobos,''" as well as a tribute to amateur rappers -- and there are many of both in San Diego -- "Bum Rap." A new studio project, the Sven-Erik Seaholm-produced Fulmination, appeared in 2009 from Furrow of Love Recordings. 


Artist Biography by

A primitive swamp-rock duo comprised of Ben Reynolds (vocals, electric guitar, percussion) and Brant Slay (vocals, harmonica, washboard), the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies were proteges of R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, a fellow Athens, Georgia resident who teamed with John Keane to co-produce their 1990 debut White Dirt. Chicago blues legend Willie Dixon split production chores with Stipe for 1991's 8 Track Stomp, after which the duo called it quits; Reynolds later resurfaced as a solo artist. 


1 McIntosh 2:45
2 Skinny 2:18
3 Lon Chaney 2:03
4 Lookout 1:28
5 Frogmore 3:02
6 Prison 3:52
7 Raven 2:22
8 Ponky Knot 1:48
9 Sailor Beat The Blood Out 3:32

THE FONDLED Hey, Hey We're... 1996

by request
 punk rock with mostly female fronted vocals and elements of thrash


12 January 2019

THE AUTUMNS The Angel Pool 1997

~shoegaze with emotional male vocals~
If you like Cocteau Twins or My Bloody Valentine, try this band out.



more hillbilly country punk from this German band


1 Mexico Americano 2:34
2 Bad With Wimen 3:00
3 Burnin' 3:03
4 Jeepster 3:16
5 Didn't Mean To Hurt Ye 3:40
6 Meanstreak 2:08
7 Quit That Job 2:47
8 Cowpower 2:49
9 Breathless 1:58
10 How Do You Spell Love 3:21
11 The Same Thing 4:17
12 Uh-Oh 1:50
13 Blind Man With A Pistol 3:15
14 Yard Sale 3:16

SUGARSPOON self titled 1996

by request
pretty decent alternative rock