09 January 2019

REFRIGERATOR Long 33 1/3 Play 1993 | Bicycle 1995

Long 33 1/3 Play


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How You Continue Dreaming
Lo-fi noise pop combo Refrigerator have been led by brothers Allen and Dennis Callaci, who first began collaborating as teens as members of the hair metal parody band the Bux. Recording their first cassette on December 6, 1985, the Bux proceeded to issue a new tape annually on that same date five years running, with later releases pointing toward the fuzzy, fractured approach of the Callacis' subsequent work. The siblings formed Refrigerator with drummer Joel Connell in 1990, a short time after Dennis founded his pioneering indie label Shrimper; the group's debut cassette, Lonesome Surprize, appeared the next year, quickly followed by the EP Rocking Horse Loser and a number of compilation appearances. Another cassette (1992's Rael), a vinyl-only LP (1993's Long 33 1/3 Play), a handful of 7"s (Songs with a Story/Music for Hi-Fi Bugs, Car Alarm, and Down with Refrigerator), and a mess of compilation tracks preceded the 1995 release of Refrigerator's first-ever CD, How You Continue Dreaming, which featured new drummer Chris Jones; another full-length, Bicycle, appeared later that same year. Anchors of Bleed, recorded to eight-track, followed in 1996, and with their 1997 self-titled effort (cut with new bassist Daniel Brodo), Refrigerator graduated to 16-track; Glitter Jazz appeared two years later. In 2001, Comedy Minus One hit shelves, followed by 2004's Upstairs in Your Room. Changing things up for their eighth studio release, Refrigerator brought in pianist Franklin Bruno (of Nothing Paint Blue) for their acoustic Bottles of Make Up, which was recorded in the Callacis' living room in August 2006 and issued the following January. After starting work on a new album, Daniel Brodo fell from a ladder and broke both wrists, delaying the project, but by 2011, he was fully recovered. Refrigerator released those demos in their unfinished state as Dangerous, and carried on with a new batch of songs. Released in 2015, Temple City coincided with the band's 25th anniversary and marked a return to their noisy electric-based approach. Refrigerator returned in early 2018 with their eleventh LP, the Simon Joyner-produced High Desert Lows.

Long 33 1/3 Play 

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A1 Saturday
A3 There She Goes
A4 Hammers And Sand
A5 ... $1000.00 Stage
A6 Always A Way
A7 Mountain Ave.
A8 Headstands
A9 Tourists
B1 Boyfriend
B2 Fleas
B3 Future Airline
B4 Stay Here
B5 This Will Be Its End
B6 Wrists
B7 Collectors Item
B8 ... Class Of Next Year
B9 Slide (Live)


1 Bicycle
2 Daybreak
3 Sorry State Line (Acoustic)
4 Body
5 Negative Girl
6 To The Coast
7 Ageing Paint
8 Speedway (Acoustic)
9 83 Ford
10 The King Of Bigscreen
11 Party Hat (Acoustic)
12 This Isn't Yet
13 Bicycle (Acoustic)


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