20 January 2012


TPA Flight 028

The Sounds of Tristan Psionic

By request
Reupped January 2013

by Gina Boldman
Tristan Psionic was formed in 1992 by Sandy McIntosh (guitar), Michael Milne (guitar) and Tim Potocic in Hamilton, Ontario. When the group made their first cassette, they started their own label: Sonic Unyon (which later went on to sign Hayden, Thrush Hermit, The Dinner Is Ruined, SIANspheric and Chore, among others). Their first full-length, Feves: The Sounds of Tristan Psionic, was released in 1994. The band took a hiatus and concentrated on running their label; bassist Gary "Wool" McMaster quit out of frustration from the lack of activity within the band. By 1996, the trio had replaced McMaster with April Sabucco and had released their second full-length CD, titled TPA Flight 028. Mind the Gap followed in 2000.