05 December 2010

MAGGIE ESTEP Love is a Dog From Hell

Named after a William S. Burroughs book of poetry, this was Maggie Estep's 2nd and last release on Imago Records. Love is a Dog From Hell is a vast departure from her first record but she's still spot on with the twisted and morbid humor she displayed on her first CD, No More Mister Nice Girl.
I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Estep for a 1996 issue of my zine. We used email for the interview and in between the humorous quips and funny stories, an interview was formed. I sent her some issues of my zine and cassette recordings of the band Chrome. I figured she'd like it.
Maggie has now published several novels, her first being Diary of an Emotional Idiot. This is a book you will want to read more than once. It's among my favorite books of humorous fiction.


Fungud said...

Thanks, I liked this a ot when it came out. "And we are coming to CLEAN YOUR ROOM!"

Petty Vendetta said...

DIg her latest blog post : http://www.maggieestep.com/abandoned-food-story/

Uno mas,por favor?


IHateThe90s said...