17 December 2010

OPIUM DEN Diary of a Drunken Sun 1993

By request


Opium Den was a 90's gothic rock band out of Boston. They have also described their music as psychedelic rock and art rock. Christian Gilbert's Spanish-classical influenced guitar playing is combined with the poetry of Annette Farrington's lyrics.
It was formed in the early 90's when Christian Gilbert and Mike Demma were looking for a singer for a psychedelic band they wanted to form. Annette was coming off touring with a Boston theater company and soon joined them. They then auditioned John De Gregorio as a bass player and they liked his unique style and musical creativeness. [1]


1 Renaissance 3:41
2 Say It 4:20
3 Found A Way Out 5:26
4 Blind 4:56
5 Radio In My Head 5:38
6 Song For Nelson 3:11
7 Flowers In The Man 7:44
8 The Puzzle 7:32
9 Wishing Tree 7:42


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