05 December 2010

SERPICO Feel Bad Rainbow 1995

Still love this band after 15 years! In issue 4 of my zine published back in 1995, I did an interview with Serpico. After that interview, I started corresponding with John Lisa, guitars and vocalist (at the time he shared vocals with Apples a.k.a. John Telenko). I remember asking John Lisa why they had to change their name from Sleeper to Serpico. He said that another band called Sleeper wanted to keep the name so he basically sold it to them. Anyone remember the band Sleeper? They sounded a lot like Elastica.
Then some time after that, I started talking to Michael DeLorenzo a lot and he'd call me up on the phone from his work at a comic book shop in NYC and we'd talk for a long time. Those were fun times! And I developed a little crush on DeLorenzo. He had started a new band called C.R. and sent me a copy of the LP. Holy shit that was some hardCORE!
A reunion in 2009 was held on Staten Island. Wish I could have been there.


1 Happy Here
2 Feel Bad Rainbow
3 Splinter
4 Bok Choy
5 Remember The Name
6 Loud Pipes
7 Forever Mine
8 Morphine Dialect
9 Time Of Your Life
10 Hurtful Head
11 Shock The Cycle
12 Tearbook

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