13 June 2010

TEDIO BOYS Go Country! 1997

Side A 1 Back from the Crypt
2 A Place in the Country
Side B I Love Country

In 1998 Tédio Boys, who hailed from Portugal, came to Pensacola. I was sitting in the little library at the club and one of the Tédio guys walks in and sits down. All of a sudden I spot a huge brown spider near him on the wall. I pointed it out to him and he jumped up and I proceeded to crush the spider with my combat boots (so punk rock, so 90's!). We left the spider's guts smashed on the green wall. Pretty gross.
Later on that night the guitarist took off his clothes and played naked. A naked Portuguese guy. Nice.


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Coluna_Surda said...

Im so happy to see my fellow countryman on this great blog! Still you are luckier than me : \ you had the chance to see them live while i didnt. Still , every single member of that band now has one awesome band of their own : )