17 September 2010

HOWLIN MAGGIE Honeysuckle Strange 1996

By request



1 Miss Universe
2 Alcohol
3 Rubbing The Industry Raw
4 Promise To Be Happy
5 I’m A Slut
6 You Are
7 Jawbreaker
8 How The West Was Won
9 Motel Room
10 $3.99
11 Long Live Doug (Standing)


Michael said...

thanks a billion!! :)

Roop said...

Thank God I found you, I don't feel like transferring my CD! "Alcohol", "Rubbing the Industry Raw" and the stellar "I'm a Slut" stand up even today, Ohio had a hot period in the early/mid-90's with Afghan Whigs, Guided by Voices, Ass Ponys and Howlin' Maggie, playing it big out of a small market. Good stuff. I used to always sequence "Alcohol" before Ammonia's "Drugs" on my mix tapes.

Kneel Jung said...

Any chance this one could be re-upped, please? This one's tough to find! Thanks for your time.

IHateThe90s said...