15 June 2011

SUGAR SHACK Five Weeks Ahead of My Time 1997

Upped by Martin

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Pursuing garage rock with the attack of a punk band, Sugar Shack first appeared in 1992 with their independently released Charmer. The Houston-based band prides itself on being part of the trash rock circuit that thrives in the South, releasing three albums since their debut and touring extensively. The band is made up of singer Mark Lockridge, guitarists Andy Wright and Kyle Otis, bassist Johnny Gibson, and drummer Stefanie Paige Friedman.


1 I Can't Satisfy
2 Blabbermouth
3 Chip
4 Thee Crusaders
5 Get Her Back
6 I'm Glad / Your Sad
7 Da Kook
8 Be A Man
9 Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time
10 In The Chump Zone
11 Go! Space City
12 I'm Outta Here
13 All Night Stand
14 She's My Crutch

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