07 June 2012

PIE Seein' Eye 1994

Born in a barn in rural Massachusetts in 1993, Pie enjoyed some minor indie success until disbanding in late 1996. Known for incendiary live performances and wild personal behavior, the band went from playing showcase Mondays to sharing the stages of 500+ capacity venues with the likes of Yo La Tengo and Built to Spill. Pie produced innumerable recordings for the lo-fi cassette underground (Shrimper, Sonic Enemy, Cactus Gum and Cassiel) and was signed to Big Top Records in 1995, releasing the LP "strictly seance" and the EP "pie is gone" to international distribution.
Pie included John Hugh Dickey, Paul Rechsteiner, and a Spinal Tap-like laundry list of drummers, the most longlived and oft-recorded of whom being Vinnie Scorziello. Other drummers included David "Vis" Mairs, Jim Sykes, Matt and Terri Christopher.


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IHateThe90s said...

could this possibly be re-upped? can't find PIE anywhere... thx//cheers