05 March 2013

SHALLOW NORTH DAKOTA Auto Body Crusher 1994

Shallow North Dakota is a three-piece noise rock/sludge metal band from Hamilton, Ontario. They have released several records on local label Sonic Unyon, and have toured with other notable Canadian acts such as Chore and Kittens. It was rumored that Brad Davis of Fu Manchu had once blown out his pair of home speakers listening to Auto Body Crusher, although Davis himself has since denied this claim stating that they were only "almost" blown.
Related bands include Cursed, Partytank!, Crux of Aux, and Jacome.


1 Auto Body Crusher 3:18
2 Six Foot Foam Skull 3:01
3 Salvo 3:19
4 Odd 3:40
5 Open Minded 3:48
6 Blowhole 3:54
7 Diga 3:03
8 Target 2:53
9 Nelson, Paul & Larry 0:33
10 War Wagon 2:45
11 Experiment 6:18
12 G J 5:41

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