03 May 2013

THE MOON SEVEN TIMES self titled 1993

by request


by John Bush

Chaining the intense guitar effects of the Jesus & Mary Chain to relaxing female dream pop, the Moon Seven Times formed in the early '90s around the focus of vocalist Lynn Canfield and guitarist Henry Frayne. The group released their self-titled debut album in early 1993, and signed to Roadrunner Records later that year. Both 7=49 and 1997's Sunburnt appeared on Roadrunner. 


1 Her House
2 Miranda
3 This And That
4 Motion
5 Straw Donkeys
6 Rise
7 Paris Luna
8 Dear Joe
9 My Medicine
10 Sweet Magnolias
11 Surrender
12 Deep Water


IHateThe90s said...


Tommy Ross said...

Always heard their debut albums the sh*t, gonna check it out, thanks SO much!

piratecyan said...

Heaps of clips on YouTube and they sound perfect for playing in the car coming home from a crap day at work lol. Thanks