28 July 2013

THE STINKY PUFFS A Little Tiny Smelly Bit of 1995

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The Stinkypuffs formed in the early '90s, when Simon Fair Timony, then-stepson of Half Japanese frontman Jad Fair, formed the band with some of alternative rock's most creative talents. The band's name pointed toward adolescent Timony's playful creativity, as did his lyrics and outlandish vocal style. The first incarnation of the band included his mother, Sheenah Fair, on drums, Jad Fair on effects, and Gumball's Don Fleming and Lee Ranaldo's son, Cody Linn Ranaldo, on guitars. 1995 saw the release of A Little Tiny Smelly Bit of...the Stinky Puffs on Elemental Records. The album included guest appearances by members of Sleepyhead and Timony's personal response to Kurt Cobain's suicide on the heartfelt "I'll Love You Anyway." The disc also includes four live tracks from 1994's YoYo a Go Go festival. As the Super Stinky Puffs Band, Timony performed the band's songs with Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan on guitar and Nirvana's Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl on bass and drums. The disc showcased Timony's childish excitement for alternative music's early resistance for manufactured and processed songs. Immediately, The Stinkypuffs were praised for their no-nonsense enthusiasm. The songs were childish for the simple fact that they were penned by 11-year-old Timony. The Songs and Advice for Kids Who Have Been Left Behind EP was released in 1996, again on Elemental. The seven-song disc featured a more fleshed-out sound, as well as a stripped-down, lo-fi version of Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver." With Sheenah Fair and Cody Linn Ranaldo back on drums and guitar, Timony added Jeffrey Rotter on guitar and Eric Eble on bass. The disc turned out to be the band's swan song, ending the band's lively and short-lived reign as rock's most charismatic prepubescent performers.

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