04 October 2013

ENDINO'S EARTHWORM self titled 1992

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For the grunge fans

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It's no great surprise that this Endino's Earthworm album is a grungefest, or that it is expertly produced -- after all, the guy behind it all was at least partly responsible for creating the whole grunge sound. Jack Endino's gruff, growled vocals make any of his work of limited commercial potential, but serious grunge fans aren't too particular about how close someone sounds to Pavarotti anyway. What matters is the energy level and the inventiveness, and this album has both going for it. Endino's rollicking guitar leads and guitar squalls have a full-band sound despite the fact that on many of the cuts he plays all of the instruments. The tight, garage rock sound is effective on cuts like "See Right Through Me" and the lively instrumental "Inside My Head." The same cannot be said of the album's closer, a collection of guitar-as-sound-effect noises called "Suspension of Disbelief." Adding bass and drums to echo-laden guitar is briefly interesting, but 11 minutes of it is a real strain on the patience. A recognizable, even interesting melody develops about eight minutes into the piece, but by that time most listeners will have popped the CD out of the player. After an otherwise taut and coherent album, this self-indulgent coda is a major disappointment.


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