08 November 2017

MARBLE Spinning Around 1996


Artist Biography by

Marble originally started in September of 1993 as a instrumental three-piece between Chad Rivers (bass), Zak Rivers (guitar) and Troy Wasinger (drums). Metallic pop-punk and quirky jazz influences made up Marble's formula before vocalist Jeremy Jessen joined the band in 1994. Two years of playing throughout their native Minnesota was followed by their self-released full-length Spinning Around. After Old Skool Records re-released the album in 1997, a split EP with the Porcelain Boys followed that same year. 


1. Taysteee's Revenge
2. Prick
3. BK 2000
4. Safehouse
5. Kayteee
6. Right Like This
7. Marble
8. On Hold
9. KO
10. Padlocked
11. Cumigan?
12. The Breeze
13. Four Eyes
14. Insignificant
15. Myst
16. Can Can
17. Pool

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