30 July 2018

SHALLOW High Flyin' Kid Stuff 1997

thanks to Jim

Artist Biography by

Not to be confused with other 1990s bands named Shallow, this Shallow is a distinctive and risk-taking alternative rock unit that was formed in the small Kansas town of DeSoto in the early 1990s. The group has thrived on contrasts; lush melodies and the waifish, girlish singing of Julie Shields contrast with dissonant and noisy guitars--and yet, Shallow hasn't had a problem making it all fit together nicely. For Shallow, the first pieces of the puzzle started falling into place in 1988, when bass guitarist Jason Shields and guitarist Ryan Newton were both 14 and started playing together. Several years later, Jason met and married Julie, and Shallow was born when Jason and Ryan hired her as a lead singer. Shallow became a quartet when Stephen Kretsinger was hired to play drums. Playing around Kansas, Shallow started to acquire a small following. The band recorded two EPs before providing 1995's 3-D Stereo Trouble and 1997's High Flyin' Kid Stuff for Zero Hour Records.


1 Missile Command 3:32
2 Light Saber And The Video Game God 2:57
3 You Give Me Butterflies 4:13
4 Studio 54 (It Must Be Nice) 3:49
5 Slowdrone 4:20
6 Birthday 4:25
7 Straight Away 4:21
8 Wash, Dry, Fold 4:16
9 Smile 2:53
10 The Strangest Thing 3:34
11 King Of The Wide Eyed Girls 6:09


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