10 October 2018

THE SUGARPLASTIC Radio Jejune 1995

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Radio Jejune
Los Angeles-based power-popsters the Sugarplastic comprised singer/guitarist Ben Eshbach, bassist Kiara Geller and drummer Josh Laner; formed in early 1990, the trio spent over a year and a half rehearsing at a local appliance store owned by Laner's father before finally making their public debut, next recording a handful of tracks for release on their 1993 three-single box-set debut Ottawa Bonesaw. The first full-length Sugarplastic effort, Radio Jejune, followed on the indie label Sugar Fix in 1995; the trio's Geffen debut, Bang, the Earth Is Round, appeared three years later. 


1 Radio Jejune 4:04
2 Ways To Save Face 3:43
3 Salmolina 3:41
4 Sun Goes Cold 2:45
5 Skinny Hotrod 2:56
6 Please Mr. B. 5:17
7 Arizona 2:23
8 Sir Sheever 4:30
9 Officer G 1:56
10 Howl A Little 4:43

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