08 November 2018

VULGAR UNICORN Under The Umbrella 1995

pre-The Pineapple Thief

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This is a two-track concept album, the first song being over 40 minutes long. The story is built like one of those games where you hide clues all over the house, each leading to another, until you finally find the "prize." It is an enigma with scattered clues. Musically, Under the Umbrella sounds like a dream. It is fascinating, beautiful, calm, and aggressive and of a very changing nature. Note that the clues are not only in the lyrics. The liner notes also have additional information, obscure as it should be. 


Under The Umbrella
1 (i) The House At Fudge Corner 13:21
2 (ii) By Post-Chaise To The Primrose League 12:40
3 (iii) Waiting Under The Umbrella 18:20
4 Thief Of Clubs 15:38

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