06 June 2020

SEVERIN Acid To Ashes Rust To Dust 1992


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Before fronting the Capitol City Dusters, Alec Bourgeois held the mic for Severin, an early-'90s D.C. indie rock band that featured Gray Matter guitarist Mark Haggerty. Bourgeois founded Superbad Records, which co-released three Severin singles with Dischord Records. The band's textured, anxious sound got some West Coast recording on a single for Sub Pop. One full-length, Acid to Ashes, Dust to Rust, appeared on Dischord. The band, presumably named afer Steve Severin of Siouxsie and the Banshees, broke up in 1993. Drummer Alex Daniels reunited with his old bandmates from Swiz to form Sweetbelly Freakdown, and bassist Eugene Bogan moved on to Rummy and Birdshot. 


1 Fire And Sand
2 Catholic Girl
3 New # 1
4 Stones Throw
5 Unglued
6 Believe
7 Me And You
8 Liquid Thoughts
9 Close
10 Speaking Oyster
11 People Are Wrong

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