17 October 2020

HAYRIDE Elfin Magic 1995


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Hayride, based in Athens, GA, play high-energy rock with surprisingly poppy melodies. Kevin Sweeney (guitar, vocals), Nick Bielli (bass, vocals) and Will Kraft (drums, vocals) surfaced on the Pals Forever EP, with Athens friends Harvey Milk. Hayride's full-length debut (Smelly Old Cat) appeared in 1994 on Reservation Records; Sugar's David Barbe produced the follow-up, 1995's Elfin Magic for the Capricorn label. 


1 Elfin Magic
2 Ackadacka
3 Wormbringer
4 A Hard Deer's Night
5 Hollywood
6 Pleasence
7 Sconion
8 Brickstretcher
9 Zero
10 Bit, Stung, & Sucked
11 Hard Hat
12 The Map
13 Second Skin
14 King Phrague


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