14 October 2021

BLACK HAIRY TONGUE Black Hairy Tongue 1991



This Discogs link points to a demo cassette, but I found this file with extra tracks.
And apparently Black Hairy Tongue is a legitimate medical condition. Gross.


Black Hairy Tongue was a band from Burlington, VT playing and recording from 1990 to 1992. Their 1990 self-produced cassette got them signed to Germany's Gasoline Boost Records, which released the Wharton Tiers (Fun City Studio, NYC) produced Awake To Steak 7" in the US and Europe. The band later returned to Fun City Studio to record their full length album "Me And My Gun".

The band's original sound and energetic, visual live performances in VT and NY created a loyal following. The five members went their separate ways in 1992.



1. Me And My Gun
2. Girge
3. Sean's Li'l Dog
4. Pete's Brain
5. Fuck The Clutch
6. Taking Phil To Work
7. Awake To Stea, Zunge
8. Page 335, School, I Just Want To Go To Heaven
9. The Safety Dance

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