16 March 2011

JOHN TRUDELL Johnny Damas and Me 1994

By request

John Trudell (born February 15, 1946) is a Native American author, poet, actor, musician, and former political activist. He was the chairman of the American Indian Movement for most of the 1970s and the spokesperson for the takeover of Alcatraz. He also ran a pirate radio station on Alcatraz called Radio Free Alcatraz. Trudell later became a member of the American Indian Movement.


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sunday said...

OMG,i really feel ashamed :(.I asked you for this album and totaly forget :(.I'm so sorry...Ooohhh,what a stupid f... i am,2 months later... :s :facepalm:
And,i wanna tell you THANKS for this post.

IHateThe90s said...

Sunday, you are very, very welcome and you're not stupid! Enjoy it - I wish I had a better rip of it. I'll keep working on that! Thanks for visiting the blog and enjoy! <3 - 'Chel