31 March 2011

MIND SCIENCE OF THE MIND self titled 1996

Thank you Kerouac for this upload.



1 Infidels (When Your Hips Came Loose)
2 Skirts To Suffer On
3 Your Human Spine
4 Does It Rain In Your Womb
5 Science Of The Mind
6 Oceans Don't Need Us
7 Dutch Ghost Reclamation Of The City Of New York
8 To The Tender (Beauty Marks / Blisters)
9 Do You Rule?
10 Aiwass


Anonymous said...

please help me....

I am desperately trying to find the album Whatchamacallit by Brick Layer Cake.

its absolutely killer and I'm having trouble finding it on the webs.

It definitely would make a great addition to the stuff thats already on here.

Keith R.

Anonymous said...

also.... if i could request the "The Way It Should Be" e.p. from 700 Miles.

It is a cherished artifact from my teenage years. A great e.p. with very cool bsides and remixes. Was (and still am) a big 700 miles fan, and I remembered the e.p. when i saw yer post of the full length 700 miles record.


Keith R.

Tor Hershman said...

"AMEN! hotep IV"

IHateThe90s said...