09 April 2011

INGER LORRE Transcendental Medication 1999

Thanks to Achilles for this up!

By request


From Amazon:
Inger Lorres was briefly Courtney Love's main rival-friend back in '91 when her band, the Nymphs, released their self-titled debut album on Geffen amid tales of Inger pissing on record-company executives' desks. The Nymphs imploded shortly afterwards among rumors of rock & roll excess, and Inger was left to linger in her Love-directed bitterness, which is evinced here in the opening song, the vicious personal swipe "She's Not Your Friend." Inger's new sound, however, supplied by, among others, Kid "Congo" Powers--the keyboardist for Nick Cave--is far more gothic and dense than the recently AM-reinvented Hole, while her phrasing often recalls a more psychotic P.J. Harvey ("Dusted") or even a less static Shirley Manson ("It Could Happen to You"). Highlights include a swirling, claustrophobic bluesy duet with the late Jeff Buckley ("Thief Without the Take") and her acoustic magnum opus, "Sweet Release." A fine return to the fray. --Everett True


1 She's Not Your Friend
2 Beautiful Dead
3 It Could Happen To You
4 Gibby Haynes Is Next
5 Haunted Hill
6 Devils Priest
7 Yard Of Blonde Girls
8 Thief Without The Take
9 Dusted
10 Sweet Release
11 7b