28 July 2011

ELEVATE The Architect 1996

By request


by Mike DaRonco

Hailing out of the rainy days of London, England, Elevate bring out the grimmer aspects of indie-noise in comparison to the likes of early Sonic Youth and Girls Against Boys. Formed in 1993, an immediate signing to local label Flowershop soon followed with the release of their debut full-length "Bronzee" in 1994 and 1996's "The Architect." A US distribution deal soon came thanks to Mammoth Records, who released 1997's "Interior" EP. The next year saw the release of "All I Need (Is Love) and "Next Life Platoon."


Giderai said...

For Gold's sake WE WANT THE WHOLE elevate THING

Help us to compile, pals.

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