29 July 2011

GNOME Fiberglass 1993

by request


by Stacia Proefrock
Gnome is reluctantly described by C/Z Records, the label that gave them their break, as bubble grunge. Combining guitar grinds with fuzzy pop, Gnome released a series of albums in the early '90s on C/Z after getting tired of waiting for the cash-strapped Sub Pop Records, the label that had originally signed them, to do anything with their material. Their first album, Six Hi Surprise Tower, released in the spring of 1992, allowed bandmembers Loren Evans (vocals/guitar), David Band (guitar), Ron Garcia (bass), and Mallette Maloney (drums) to release some of the material that they had been working on while touring with Soundgarden and the Fluid. Their second release, in 1993, also on C/Z Records, Fiberglass, was produced by John Auer of the Posies and contained more of the pop hooks that Six Hi Surprise Tower had brought. Their third album, Juicy Mommy, was released in 1994 on Earthling Records.


1 Pictures 2:47
2 F 4:08
3 Superstar 2:58
4 Seed Pod 3:42
5 Crush
6 Popcorn 2:52
7 Premium Blend
10 Hey Phoobie