27 September 2011

CHOPPER ONE Now Playing 1997

Upped by Travis. Thanks!


by Greg Prato

Upon hearing Chopper One's full-length debut, Now Playing, you're automatically struck by the similarity to the catchy alterna-pop sounds of Weezer. But there's a reason why both bands sound so similar; singer/guitarist Jason Cropper is an ex-member/co-founder of Weezer. And like Rivers Cuomo, Cropper has the magic touch when it comes to writing sticky-sweet bubblegum rock. Although the two bands boast the same overdriven guitar sound ("Free Lunch"), peculiar humor ("Touch My Fuzz," "Hescher With a Gym Bag," etc.), and song durations of under three minutes, Chopper One isn't as experimental as Weezer. But Jason and bassist Amy Cropper create stirring vocal harmonies, as heard on the standout track "Dynamite," sincerely melodic pop ("Cantankerous"), and AC/DC-like hard rockers ("My Star"). A promising debut, if at times somewhat one-dimensional. (Allmusic.com)

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