27 September 2011

KEROSENE 454 Race 1997

A combination of their early 45s and first record onto one LP. Enjoy.


by Yancey Strickler

Kerosene 454 was a classic D.C. band in the sense that their lifespan was short and prolific. The band formed in 1993, beginning their career with a flurry of 45s followed up by their first LP, Situation at Hand. The early releases were standard D.C. punk: loud, scathing, and with little melody. After the recording of Situation at Hand, Kerosene 454's sound took off with Came By to Kill Me due to the emergence of Darren Zentek's drumming ability. Whereas the early Kerosene 454 catalog was a dull drone, Came By to Kill Me was an ecstatic roar. On this record and its follow-up, » Read more (Allmusic.com)


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