01 November 2011

PEACE LOVE AND PITBULLS self titled 1992

Upped by Jenz

Reupped November 2012


by Lars Lovén
Peace, Love & Pitbulls' industrial rock only received token admiration from the critics, and less than that from most of Joakim Thåström's fans. But though the group never reached a very big audience, Thåström himself has held this period as one of the most important in his career, second only to his time with Ebba Grön. When his next band, alternative rockers Imperiet, broke up in 1988, Thåström set out on a solo career. After releasing a self-titled debut at home, he moved to Amsterdam and released Xplodera Mig 2000. Influences from industrial rock and techno can be heard here, but the transition was not finished until he formed Peace, Love & Pitbulls in 1992. This was first regarded as a solo album, but the group backing Thåström -- programmer Nick Hell, guitarist and bassist Nicklas Sporrong, and guitarist Peter Puders -- proved to be long-lasting. The second album, Red Sonic Underwear, was well-received in some underground circles, but due to the genre, didn't sell very … » Read more