14 September 2012

HYPERHEAD Metaphasia 1992

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by Rovi
When the UK band Gaye Bykers On Acid folded, frontman Mary Mary (previously known as Mary Millington, although his real name is Ian Garfield Hoxley) began following a different musical path, working with the experimental industrial collective Pigface, before forming Hyperhead with a long-time friend, American bass player Karl Leiker. Pigface colleagues Martin Atkins (drums, ex-PiL; Killing Joke) and guitarist William Tucker (My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult; Revolting Cocks), along with guitarist Paul Dalloway, contributed to Metaphasia, showcasing an unpredictable hybrid style that drew from hard rock, soul, funk, indie pop and industrial for a diverse and interesting album. Mary, Leiker and Dalloway assembled a touring band with guitarist Oscar, drummer Chin and percussionist Keith, and this line-up recorded the Terminal Fear EP, which actually preceded Metaphasia’s release. Hyperhead established an excellent live reputation, boosted by Keith’s sometimes crazed behaviour on stage, adding to the band’s unpredictable air. Mary went on to work with dance music outfit Apollo 440.