20 October 2012

ADICKDID Dismantle 1993

By request

Adickdid was an all-female punk band started in the early 1990s in Eugene, Oregon, USA, by Kaia Wilson (The Butchies, Team Dresch) Nalini Deedee Cheriel (Juned, The Teenangels, The Hindi Guns) and Sara Shelton Bellum (Bella Low). Their first single “All American Girl” b/w “Columbus” was put out by Imp Records in 1993. They toured along the American West Coast and played on the radio station KXLU in Los Angeles. One of their opening acts was Beck at the Jabberjaw in Los Angeles. They played shows opening for Hole, Fugazi, Heavens to Betsy, Bikini Kill and Lunachicks.


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Thanks! I was just listening to Kaia, The Butchies and Team Dresch yesterday.