27 October 2012

LUBRICATED GOAT Psychedelicatessen 1990


by Skip Jansen
The third album from this Australian noise rock project led by Stuart Gray (aka Stu Spasm) and first for Minneapolis noise label Amphetamine Reptile is no less fierce than the previous two released on Black Eye, still fusing Suicide, Captain Beefheart, and Pere Ubu to sheet-metal guitar noise and depraved lyrical content in the formula of the Black Eye albums but with additional deviations into nightmarish jazz, hip-hop, and lurching industrial noise. "Give Chance a Piece," "New Kind of Animal, and "Spoil the Atmosphere are classic noise rock in the vein of Helios Creed, the Jesus Lizard, and Halo of Flies.


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Fantastic! Nice to have a digital version ff this gem. Many thanks!

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