06 November 2012

SPENT Songs of Drinking and Rebellion 1995


[+] by Stephen Cramer
New Jersey's Spent debuted their intelligent style of indie rock with the Keeping Secrets EP on Ringer's Lactate Records. They followed that with the Sinking In EP on spinART Records. The band garnered attention from college radio and independent record labels on the strength of John King's delicate guitar work and vocals. Joe Weston and Ed Radich served as bassist and drummer, respectively. Annie Hayden was the band's guitarist and keyboardist, as well as occasional vocalist, her sly vocals enriching the band's recordings. Spent's full-length debut, Songs of Drinking & Rebellion, appeared on Merge Records in 1995. Their composed and graceful rock sound quickly garnered accolades. A Seat Beneath the Chairs followed in late 1996. It was preceded by the Umbrella Wars EP. The band toured extensively with bands like Superchunk and Seam, among others. Throughout their recording career, Spent appeared on compilation CDs from Ba Da Bing Records, the Now Sound, Traumatone Records, I Sore Records, and Motorcoat Records. In 1997, King joined forces with Superchunk's Jim Wilbur on the Humidifier CD Nothing Changes. By 1999, although the band's demise had already been confirmed, the song "(I'll Clean Up) The Mess That You Are" appeared on the retrospective Oh, Merge compilation.
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IHateThe90s said...


Maximum Jack said...

Just realized that I had no Spent in my iTunes library-- thanks!

Lukalost said...

Half Shirt is one of THE MOST beautiful indie songs I've ever heard. I swear.

IHateThe90s said...

best unheard band in the world. Way ahead of their time