22 December 2012

CANDY MACHINE A Modest Proposal 1994

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[+] by Mike DaRonco
Starting in 1990 after turning their hometown of Baltimore upside down in search of a guitarist, Derrick Buisch (bass), Joseph Heeg (drum), and Peter Quinn (vocals) eventually found Daniel Papkin to fulfill the six string role; completing the line up of The Candy Machine. With an influence that rooted from late the 80's-era of Discord Records (Embrace/ Rites of Spring/ Beefeater/ Fugazi), DeSoto Records (famed for being Jawbox's label) released their self-titled debut EP in 1991. Following a deal with Skene! Records in 1992, The Candy Machine had the chance to release their first full-length #25 and a second EP Love of Politics, Politics of Love, Lyle Kissack and Forrest French joined the line up that same year to fulfill the position of drums and bass. With Jamie Panzer replacing French on bass duties in 1994, the EP A Modest Proposal also on Skene came out that year with many months touring to follow until 1996. With 1997 seeing the release of their second album Tune International in DeSoto Records, The Candy Machines continued their saga of a never ending line-up changes with the recruitment of bassist Nat Rabb and keyboardist Chuck Scott before calling it quits the following year.
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