15 December 2012

VARIOUS ARTISTS Freedom of Choice 1992

Thanks to NMH for this post


Sonic Youth Ca Plane Pour Moi 3:59
Muffs, The Rock And Roll Girl 2:22
Erectus Monotone Destination Unknown 3:14
Redd Kross How Much More 3:07
Tiny Lights 5'1" 3:37
Mudhoney Pump It Up 3:09
Das Damen The Wait 3:11
Finger (2) Tainted Love 3:46
It's O.K. Wishing 4:09
Yo La Tengo Dreaming 3:00
White Flag Wuthering Heights 4:00
Connells, The I Got You 4:06
Big Dipper Homosapien 4:50
Polvo Mexican Radio 3:23
Hypnolovewheel Antmusic 3:56
Chia Pet Don't You Want Me Baby 3:43
Permanent Green Light Hero Worship 5:01
Superchunk Girl U Want 2:34


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FervorCoulee said...

Thanks for posting this collection. Is it just me, or are we missing the tracks beyond #12? Could that be rectified? (Not to be greedy or demanding...) Thanks

piratecyan said...

I only got the first 12 tracks too. Thanks and hope its something repiarable

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IHateThe90s said...

Todd - I tried that link but Mediafire had already taken it down. Ugh! Thanks for posting the link though. :)

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