04 February 2013

CIRCLE C self titled 1991

by request


by Sean Carruthers
When Vancouver's punk legends Slow disbanded following a notorious trouser-dropping incident, the fragments of the band regrouped into the heavy metal Tankhog and the more pop-oriented Circle C. With not a little bit of fanfare, they were signed to David Geffen's label DGC. When the band's self-titled debut was released it was met with enthusiasm by many critics, but next to nothing in terms of album sales because of poor promotion. Musically, the album shows glimmers of the past, as on the furious "Dust" and the lovely "Vacation Song," but in other places it doesn't seem like the band is really very enthusiastic, even despite a big-name producer, a trip to Wales to record, and a number of special guests. In all, the experience was so disappointing to the band that they took another six years before releasing the follow-up, further distancing themselves from the debut by changing their name from Circle C to Copyright.

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