08 February 2013

THE JAZZ BUTCHER CONSPIRACY Waiting for the Love Bus 1993

by request


by Aaron Badgley

Following 1992's successful tour of North America by the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, Pat Fish returned to the studio to complete this CD. Unlike previous Jazz Butcher Conspiracy albums, there is very little humor here. The music is low-key and somewhat depressing, and the lyrics match that sound. Fish's voice is strong and he delivers his lyrics with typical determination. There are several highlights, such as "Rosemary Davis World of Sound" and his cover of "Everybody's Talking." Fish's cover version of "Do You Wanna Dance" sounds a great deal like his Black EG alter ego, which means that the track is very danceable, entertaining, and too long. Overall, however, Waiting for the Love Bus is still strong; existing fans will enjoy the album and it may even win over some new ones.


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you got some comp or the last album Rotten Soul, best, Syd