01 June 2013

BLOODLOSS Live My Way 1995

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[+] by Ned Raggett
Originally founded in the early '80s by singer/saxophonist/guitarist E.J. Renestair and singer/drummer Martin Bland in Sydney, Australia, Bloodloss' loud blues/Vegas/punk craziness went through two brief periods of existence in that decade. By all accounts the first was the more notorious, concluding with the group trying to torch the studio they were recording in. The late '80s brought re-formation and an album release or two, but when former member Stu Spasm invited both core members to join his current band, Lubricated Goat, they concentrated on that for a few years. The group began its third, highest-profile life in the '90s when Bland hooked up with Mudhoney's Mark Arm for the latter's Monkeywrench project. Renestair ended up in the States as well, leading to a fully reactivated Bloodloss with Arm as the other key member. Three albums followed in fairly quick succession: 1993's In-a-Gadda-da-Change, 1995's Live My Way, and 1996's Misty. The group then took a long hiatus; in late 1999, Arm had mentioned that a new album's worth of material had been in the can for a few years, but that everyone needed to get their act together -- and get some more money -- before it could be finished for release.
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