10 September 2014

WALT MINK El Producto 1996

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Walt Mink's third album returns the band to the green pastures of their debut; it's full of good pop songs and sounds as if John Kimbrough had less on his mind than on the self-produced second album, Bareback Ride. More free time in the studio gave Walt Mink -- and producer John Agnello -- a chance to play with production techniques, resulting in some playful experimentalism on several tracks. Most songs, however, are strictly saccharine with Kimbrough's occasionally whiny vocals being the only negative to pop nirvana. 


Stood Up
Everything Worthwhile
Me & My Dog
Little Sister
Up & Out
Listen Up
Sunshine M.
Love In The Dakota


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IHateThe90s said...

Do you have miss happiness? Great record especially his cover of pink moon.

IHateThe90s said...

Hi Doug, yes I have Miss Happiness. Will reup the link for you. To find it, enter band name at top left search box.

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