11 October 2014

THE MINDERS Hooray for Tuesday 1998

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Hooray for Tuesday
Yet another branch of the Elephant 6 collective's family tree, the Minders were led by singer/songwriter Martyn Leaper, a British expatriate living in Denver, CO. There he befriended Apples in Stereo frontman Robert Schneider, who agreed to release the Minders' debut EP, Come on and Hear!!, on Elephant 6 in the spring of 1996. Leaper assembled a full-blown band for the follow-up 7", Paper Plane, tapping drummer Rebecca Cole, guitarist Jeff Almond, and bassist Jeff Richardson; bassist Marc Willhite replaced Richardson in time for Rocket 58, issued on 100 Guitar Mania in the autumn of 1997. the Minders' first full-length effort, Hooray for Tuesday, appeared a year later; soon after the band splintered as Leaper and Cole relocated to Portland, OR, where they assembled a new lineup also featuring lead guitarist Adam Goldman, bassist Bryce Edwards, and keyboardist Rachel Blumberg. the Minders' early singles were compiled in 1999 on Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends. The Down in Fall EP followed a year later. A third studio effort, Golden Street, emerged in spring 2001. 


Hooray For Tuesday 3:12
Pauline 2:24
Joey's Pez 1:52
Comfortably Tucked Up Inside 2:27
Yeah Yeah Yeah 2:08
Our Man In Bombay 2:04
I've Been Wondering 1:50
More And More 1:47
Pass It Around 1:51
Red Bus 2:40
Bubble 1:40
Frida 3:47

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