08 October 2014

TRAMPOLINE I Want One of Everybody 1996

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I Want One of Everybody is the second album release by Trampoline, a collection of D.C.-area talent featuring members of Chisel, Edsel, and Poole, as well as top-rank independent producers and the songwriting of mainman Pat Ferrise. While Dormer, the project's first release, concentrated on cleaned-up, radio-friendly pop, I Want One of Everybody makes a slight jump to cleaned-up, radio-friendly rock -- the record's sound is still far more mainstream than the work of many of the musicians involved (surpassing Dormer in terms of polish, focus, and pop organization), but there's something in its sense of hooks and construction that makes it an indie project even in its most pop moments. Trampoline is essentially a collection of indie-rockers making a highly organized and fairly mainstream pop record, and as one might expect, the results are frequently more intelligent and appealing than the work on top-forty radio. 


1. 95 Degrees
2. Favorite Watch
3. Burning Daylight
4. Wait Here
5. Lightning Comes
6. Thunder Invites Summer In
7. Waiting on You Again
8. Flyerman
9. I Want One of Everybodys
10. Put the Water Here
11. Trees and Cars
12. Coronada
13. Send the Letter Back



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