28 October 2014

KILLSADIE Half Cocked Concepts 1998

Who Sadie is and why anyone would want to kill her remains a subject of some debate, but the band members aren’t talking. Actually they’re screaming. They do a lot of that. You see they’re a frantic hardcore band whose music is kind of like the aural equivalent of multi-car pileup on the interstate. The Twin Cities quintet screeches through its numbers with such velocity they occasionally threaten the sound barrier and such paralyzing violence you’re inclined to check for your wallet and valuables when they’re finished. Spiraling guitars are in abundance here and the band’s powerful rhythm section consistently shows itself to be a force to be reckoned with. Singer Steve’s ragged, desperate, nihilistic vocals sometimes give you the distinct feeling the other band members might be attacking him. This is rousing, difficult hardcore, in the Black Flag/Dischord/Gravity Records tradition. Kill Sadie introduced us to their abrasive style with the 1998 Half Cocked Concepts 10-inch.


1 Perfect Sense
2 Brand New World
3 For Any Reason
4 One Question
5 Nervous Creatures
6 The Incident At Oxboro Creek
7 1000 Deaths
8 Stealing Candy From Babies
9 Destined Gold Star


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IHateThe90s said...

Nice up! Love this band.