08 December 2014

PIEBALD When Life Hands You Lemons... 1997

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The Rock Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Emocore outfit Piebald formed in 1994 when vocalist/guitarist Travis Shettel, guitarist Aaron Stuart, bassist Andrew Bonner and drummer Jon Sullivan were still high school students in suburban Andover, MA. Sullivan left a few years later; Alex Garcia Rivera stepped in before the band ultimately settled down with Luke Garro behind the kit. Quickly becoming a staple of the Boston-area indie circuit, Piebald released their first album, When Life Hands You Lemons, in 1997 via Hydra Head Records. They followed up two years later with If It Weren't for Venetian Blinds It Would Be Curtains for Us All, which further presented the band's lighthearted spin on typical emo values, offering such song titles as "Fat and Skinny Asses." The EP The Rock Revolution Will Not Be Televised appeared in 2000 before Piebald amicably split to focus on life outside the band.


1 Two Rocking Chairs On A Porch
2 Our Very Own Employment Office
3 One Hundred Percent Good
4 Small Town Outside Of Boston
5 Song For A Piano In A Minor
6 Sandpaper Steering Wheel
7 The Sea And A Lifesaver
8 In Like A Lamb And Out Like A Lion
9 New Coke
10 Part II: The Noreaster
11 Holden Caufield


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