09 December 2014

SUGARPOP Give Up Your Sister 1997

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Helmed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Jason Taylor, the little-known Sugarpop produce a surprisingly consistent batch of power pop tunes on their 1997 release Give Up Your Sister. Many of the material uncannily recalls the offbeat yet poppy sensibilities of Kurt Cobain's best work. But don't be misled -- this is not another "Nirvana-be" band -- Taylor's ideas are unique enough to warrant serious attention. Plus, the stylistic scope of Sugarpop is broader than that of most alternative rock bands of the nineties; encompassing punk, power pop, electronic drum loops, occasional country twang and other esoterica, they offer just enough variety to keep you guessing. Give Up Your Sister made a dent in the American college radio world in 1998, charting in CMJ's Top 200 briefly, but was otherwise overlooked. 


1. Heavy Duty Jones

2. Dashboard Hula Girl
3. Cigarette
4. Sister
5. Sad Day
6. Downtown
7. Did I Wait
8. Wendy Sinker
9. Cool Ade
10. Everarda Girl

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