16 February 2015

RIFLE SPORT Primo 1990

by request
This is the 10 track version. It's all I have at this time. 

Artist Biography by

One of the bands that made up what is considered the Twin Cities' "third wave" of punk rock, Rifle Sport managed to be one of the longer-running Minneapolis/St. Paul bands, lasting into the early '90s, and its members' influence was felt in prominent American underground bands a decade later. Their first release, Voice of Reason, came out in 1983 on the Hüsker Dü-run imprint Reflex, and the band released the remainder of their catalog on Ruthless. These albums included 1985's Complex EP, 1987's White Made in France, 1989's Live at the Entry, Dead at the Exit, and 1991's Primo. A 2004 one-off reunion show occurred at the famed 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, but a full-fledged reunion was not to be. Guitarist Gerard Boissey kept focus on his band Kontrolpanel, while drummer Todd Trainer and bassist Pete "Flour" Conway played in Shellac and Flour (as well as being a member of Breaking Circus), respectively. The three also worked together in Trainer's band Brick Layer Cake


Exploding Man
Black Shadow
24 Doors
Sun In Sky
Kings And I

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