02 February 2015

THE JODY GRIND One Man's Trash (Is Another Man's Treasure) 1990


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Before there was a Cocktail Nation and a mania for retro lounge music, Atlanta's Jody Grind were turning out jazzy renditions of Gershwin, Bacharach and Dusty Springfield numbers, country & western standards and original rock songs that hybridized those forms with alternative music. Singer Kelly Hogan distinguished the band (Bill Taft; guitars, Walter Brewer; drums and Robert Hayes; bass) from any number of alternative groups, as she was a real singer and used her beautiful voice to great effect. Long an Atlanta scene favorite, in 1990 DB Records released One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure. Followed by the more experimental Lefty's Deceiver, the band's career was cut short following a car accident which killed two members. Hogan continues to perform as a solo act in Atlanta and has released one record. 


Peter Gunn 2:01
One Man's Trash 4:37
Eight-Ball 3:50
Mood Indigo 3:45
Death Of Zorba 1:49
Blue And Far 2:35
The Governor Of Hong Kong 1:00
Just Because You Wear Big Shoes 2:52
It Ain't Necessarily So 2:33
Love, Love Alone 2:38
Wishin' And Hopin' 3:00
My Darlin' 4:04
Florida Maine 3:28
I'm A Fool To Want You 2:23


IHateThe90s said...


IHateThe90s said...

The ever wonderful Jody Grind! I got to see them a few times before the tragic accident. We also lost Deacon Lunchbox (who was a poet/performance artist. Imagine Larry The Cable Guy done with a nudge and wink). Kelly Hogan now works with Neko Case and Bill Taft formed Smoke with Benjamin (ex Opal Foxx Quartet)... Man I miss those days...

IHateThe90s said...

So ironic because I was thinking about the guy (couldn't recall his name) who used to open for The Jody Grind. You finally reminded me it's Deacon Lunchbox. I remember seeing him a few times at local haunts. He was so funny. I still remember him yelling, "Aliens ate my Hibachi, while I was high on crank!" LOL Just cracked me up! I've been looking for any recordings of him for years. His name did escape me for awhile. Thanks for the great post!

IHateThe90s said...

That was Deacon allright. I remember I was able to see one of their final Atlanta shows because a friend and I didn't want to brave the long line to see the Nine Inch Nails at Masquerade. I am glad I went...